Our technology

We're on the bleeding edge of high fidelity indoor reconstruction, and photorealistic augmented reality.

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Technology focus

Areas of Interest

computer vision
Computer Vision

Understand 3D indoor spaces to deliver interactive and immersive experiences.

machine learning
Machine Learning

Exploit neural networks to extract deep visual insights.

rendering and ar
Rendering & Augmented Reality

Blend real-world spaces seamlessly with virtual 3D content through physics-based rendering & lighting.

cloud computing
Cloud Computing at Scale

Deliver scalable cloud microservices to support hundreds of millions of web, mobile and in-store experiences.

consumer ux
Consumer UX

Design intuitive mobile & web consumer experiences that power the imagination.

software development
Modern Software Development

Lead with industry-best practices for software development, continuous integration and testing.

Inside the technology

Behind the scenes at
Geomagical Labs

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